The California Gold Rush saw hundreds of thousands of people rush to California in search of gold. Fast forward almost two centuries, and Hollywood is rushing back, to a place near you to the UK to film more of the amazing content for which we seem to have an insatiable demand.  

As studios move from licences to longer term leases, finding studio space in the right locations is starting to resemble the hunt for that elusive gold dust.  The stages are only part of the story, with a need for backlots, workshops, offices and parking on the site, and a never ending requirement for storage.

Developers are building more space as quickly as they can, often delivering in phases to meet the production company's filming schedule.   With Knight Frank predicting an additional 6 million sq ft of space will be needed by 2026, considerations will include finding the right property in the right location, and sourcing a good delivery team who can help avoid potential pitfalls along the way.